BlackBerry Leap - Working with zip files

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Working with zip files

Zip files and folders

Zip your files to help reduce memory space. You can zip a single file or folder, or zip multiple files or folders. You can also
zip all of the files in a particular folder using the Zip All option.

Touch and hold a file or folder.

• To zip a single file or folder, tap


• To zip multiple files or folders, tap

. Tap the files or folders you want to zip, then tap


Unzip a file

You can unzip files, and also preview their contents. When you unzip a file, a folder is created with the same name as the
zip file. The unzipped contents can be viewed in this folder.

• To preview the contents of a zip file, tap the file.
• To unzip a file, touch and hold a zip file. Tap


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