BlackBerry Leap - Error messages: Media card

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Error messages: Media card

If your BlackBerry device detects a possible problem or issue with your media card, you can view more details about the

error in your Storage and Access settings.

Your media card isn't recognized

The media card might be in an unreadable format. Consider formatting the media card.
CAUTION: Media card data is deleted when you format a media card.

Media card is password protected

A password is blocking access to the media card and data stored on it. Insert a media card into your BlackBerry device that
isn't password protected.

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Your media card is read-only

You can view and open files on the media card. You can't move, delete, or modify the files on the media card.

Your media card isn't responding

The media card isn't communicating with your BlackBerry device. Consider using a different media card.

No media card was found

Make sure that there is a media card in your BlackBerry device and that it's inserted properly.